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Lonkeen Bentonite Cat Litter

Bentonite colored cat litter, adding red and blue deodorizing particles to the cat litter can better deodorize and inhibit bacteria while maintaining the appearance of the cat litter. Its main raw material is bentonite, and bentonite ore is processed into cat litter that can be sold through multiple procedures. In order to better control the cat litter dust, we dusted the cat litter 5 times, which can be basically dust-free. Bentonite color-grained cat litter is artificial sodium bentonite cat litter, because its raw material is calcium-based bentonite ore, which cannot be agglomerated originally. After artificial sodiumization by adding alkali, it has a very good agglomeration ability. The clumping shape is a perfect spherical shape, and it is very strong, so the cat will not loosen the clumps when digging the soil.

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Lonkeen Bentonite Cat Litter

Cats will have a lot of bacteria and peculiar smell after defecation. After we add colored antibacterial and deodorizing particles, we can solve this problem. In order to better deodorize, we can also add spices with different odors to cover the odor. Very good results, and at the same time, we can also provide customized services for spices. With less dust and good clumping, its price is the lowest, so it is the most used cat litter.

raw material: Bentonite
Product Size: 1-3.5mm diameter
shape: Spherical particles
Water absorption: 3 seconds
Compression resistance (G): > 400G
Water absorption: >300%
Specific gravity (G/Ml): 0.6G/ML
Moisture: 7%
Deodorization rate: above 95
Bulk density: 900kg/m3
Packing specification: 5L/3.5-4KG(PE packaging)

10L/7-8kg(PE packaging)

10kg(Woven bag packaging)

20L/18-20kg(Woven bag packaging)

fragrance: Coffee, lemon, lavender, apple(OEM)
Can be added: Activated carbon particles, deodorizing particles, food flavors
Features: Low dust/fast water absorption/solid agglomeration/good deodorization/non-sticky bottom/easy to clean/pure natural

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10L, 5L


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