FELIX Goody Bag Cat Treats – 60 Gram


  • An irresistible, colourful mix of cat treats that are full of enticing aromas, delicious flavours and fun shapes.
  • Contains proteins, vitamins and omega 6 fatty acids to help your cat live a healthy and happy life.
  • Available in a wide range of cat treat flavours; Seaside with Salmon, Pollock and Trout or Cheezy with Cheddar, Gouda, and Edam cheeses.
  • A colourful mix of meaty treats full of enticing aromas and appealing textures. With three irresistible flavours in every bag, they’re Triple the Treat!
  • On average, 2 kcal per treat.
  • A delicious complementary pet food for your cat to enjoy

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Product details of Felix Goody Bag Cat Treats  – 60g

  • Flavoured with Cheese, Chicken And Turkey for even more irresistible flavour.
  • We use a combination of nutrients including vitamins to help keep your cat healthy and happy.
  • Mouth-watering flavours and crunchy textures packed in a convenient bag for your cat to enjoy.
  • A yummy complementary pet food your cat will love morning, noon and night!
  • With three irresistible flavours in every bag, they’re Triple the Treat!
  • Product Packaging May Slightly Vary From Displayed Picture.

With a variety of chicken, cheese and turkey flavoured treats, pamper you kitty with our delicious FELIX Goody Bag Picnic Mix! Our tasty treats have been specially formulated to provide your cat with protein, vitamins and minerals she needs whilst giving her a treat for her to enjoy,


Our FELIX Goody Bag Picnic Mix combines the delicious flavours of cheese, chicken and turkey in one convenient pouch so you can always be at the ready to treat your feline friend with her favourite snack.

Specifications of Felix Goody Bag Cat Treats  – 60g


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